BITlab: Behavior Information Technology

404 Wilson Rd. Room 249
Communication Arts & Sciences
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824

Room Reservation Policy and Guidelines
  1. BITLab faculty have highest priority, and can kick others out if absolutely necessary, even if the room was scheduled in advance. This should happen only under extreme circumstances, like a surprise visit from an important donor or NSF program manager, or a data collection that can’t take place anywhere else.

  2. Whoever has the room reserved in the calendar has priority, even if someone is using the room when they arrive.

  3. If somebody sets up in a conference room to work for a longer period of time (for example, a day-long code review, affinity diagram session, code or writing jam, etc.) they get the next priority.

  4. If the room is empty and unscheduled, anyone with keycard access to the lab is welcome to use it.

The BITLab is a research lab, and the space and equipment is provided for the purpose of supporting the research activities of BITLab members and their collaborators. Data collection sessions, research group meetings, meetings for course projects or research projects with other students, and graduate student defenses are all a suitable uses of the conference rooms.

Please do not schedule recurring meetings for research groups or projects you are part of that are led by faculty members who are not affiliated with the BITLab, unless there is no other space available.

Also, please do not use the BITLab rooms for meetings associated with your teaching responsibilities, unless as an occasional last resort. The building has other spaces that may be reserved for office hours, such as the department conference rooms, and 182 or 184 on the first floor. Talk to the appropriate staff person for the department your course is being offered in to reserve a room for office hours or meetings with students in your class.

If you hold a meeting in the lab that involves someone who does not have keycard access, you are responsible for their conduct and use of the lab’s resources.

Think Tank
The conference room with the whiteboard and windows to the hallway (249C CAS).
The small breakout room with glass wall and windows to the outside (249A CAS).