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Towards a Conceptual Model for Provoking Privacy Speculation

by: Nthala, N. and Rader, E.


The proliferation of ubiquitous computing introduces several challenges to user privacy. Data from multiple sensors and users is aggregated at various scales to produce new, fine- grained inferences about people. Users of these systems are asked to consent to sharing their data without full knowledge of what data are recorded, how the data are and might be used, who has access to the data, and most importantly risks associated with sharing. Recent work has shown that provok- ing privacy speculation among system users, by visualizing these various aspects, improves user knowledge and enables them to make informed decisions about their data. This paper presents a conceptual model of how researchers can make inferences that provoke privacy speculation among system users and a case study applying the model.


Nthala, N. and Rader, E.. “Towards a Conceptual Model for Provoking Privacy Speculation.” Poster in Poster presented at the 2020 Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security.2020.

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